Wednesday, January 23, 2013

“The City That Never Sleeps- Bollywood Hunt Contest”

2013 is bringing new opportunities for vivid talent to be a part of Glamorous B-Town, the Bollywood movie “The City That Never sleeps” releases their major Talent Hunt Contest called “The City That Never Sleeps - Bollywood Hunt” and also launched website Where the hottie actress Veena Malik has announced her first ever online reality contest “Veena Ka Hero Kaun” she will select a perfect face to match the Jodi for her movie. The event has witness a grand performance by veena malik in skimmy dress and was seen sizzling with media persons. She said, “I am very happy that I get chance to select Mr. Perfect opposite me for my movie. This is first time ever in Bollywood the heroin gets a chance to choose her hero through online reality show. So boys get ready here comes the Drama Queen”

Hollywood stardom Jeremy William a leading actor of the movie who also was the part of event where he announced a contest “Mai Chunuga Apni Heroine” through Video conference, he said, “I want to cast someone like Rekha, Hema and Madhuri Dixit as they are Bollywood Golden Divas and Beauty of India. I am here to choose my perfect co-partner who can make me woo.”

Bollywood Hunt will give a grand platform to explore hidden talent. There will be no limitation to showcase your talents like singing, music, dancing and acting. The contest will give you a remarkable opportunity in Bollywood. British born pop icon and legend singer Taz of Stereo Nation was seen doing bangda. He recently honored with “Wall of Fame” in Coventry is on mission to search a new voice through contest “Kaun Hoga Bollywood ki Nai Awaaz”, he said, “This platform gives you a start where you can either begin your career here or wait for opportunities. So it all depends on how hard you are going to work and practice and how dedicated you are.”

Oscar winner “Slumdog” choreographer Longinus Fernandes was seen performing his best moves with UK actress the Muscle women Yvetta Shaw. He is going to select best item dancer through the contest “Lakho Me Ek Hogi Meri Dancing Star” the most exciting dance reality show of the year. He said, “Dance is an art and I want someone who can portray the art in the best form of it. I am looking forward for someone who can do the justice with dance and moves.”

The producer Satish Reddy said, “This is a unique kind of online reality show.  Where Veena will choose one person to act opposite her. That ‘s not all, another actor, singer and item girl will also be selected in a show”.

The lead actors of the film will make a Pan-India tour of all metros and important cities in India and abroad for the promotion and awareness of the contest and will invite people from all over the world to come and participate in this once in a life time opportunity. The film is set to break 20 Guinness World Records, a feat never been achieved by any movie in the history of 100 years cinema.

At the launch of ‘Bollywood Hunt’, Director Haroon Rashid said, “Bollywood has ruled the hearts of billions for ages and we are grateful to the fans for appreciating our films. We feel proud today to present to the world, a film that shall not only have renowned actors and actresses from Bollywood and Hollywood. The USP of my film is unique, it’s based on real fact of life and it will follow on next generation”.