Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brand New Bhangra - Sonu and Dalvinder Singh to Release Senti

@theofficialSonu is back again, bringing his second single of his career to the market for all the Bhangra addicts to get their “#Dandh” (teeth) into! More pump, more visuals, more music, more Sonu!

#Senti is due to be released on the 30th of January 2014, starting the year with a bang, Sonu promises this is the first of more singles and collaborations to be released in 2014. 

Brand New Bhangra - Sonu and Dalvinder Singh to Release Senti

#Senti which is now a popular term used for the English word Sentimental in India, is the root of the song, whether it is a feeling towards friends or “the One”. Making #Senti the basis of his lyrics, Sonu puts together a very catchy chorus and melody, which gives us the single that you can dance to, drive to and finally play to the person who is #Senti to you! 

The music production has come from the infamous @DalvinderSingh, who shows singing isn’t his only secret weapon! The instrumental has a feel good, make you smile and get up and dance vibe which @Dalvindersingh is proud to share with all his fans as well as @theofficalSonu. 

VISIO Studios who are the design house behind @theofficialSonu’s facebook graphics and music videos are pleased to have been able to communicate the feel of the single in visual form. Making the video was said to be a day full of humour with so many personalities involved! 

@theofficialSonu is working on more and more material showing he is preparing for a takeover, he welcomes your thoughts and encourages all fans and fellow artists to connect with him on facebook and twitter. 

The single is soon to be released on all digital platforms, with the video on YouTube and Britasia, you’ll be sure not to miss it!