Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sunny Leone Is Jealous Of Vidya Balan

Sunny Leone Is Jealous Of Vidya BalanThey're are working different than others, but after all, they're in this dirty business, and jealousy is bound to make its way to their hearts. 

But don't worry, this ain't no naughty girls-fight, it's just Sunny Leone singing praises of Vidya. Recently, while talking about Ekta Kapoor, she revealed, "I saw Ekta's The Dirty Picture movie and was mesmerised by it. I don't think the word fat fits in my dictionary, but to carry off that look, and glamorously so, is a big feat. Hats off to Vidya Balan for that, I'm almost jealous!"But this is also possible that may be Ekta kapoor give a role to Sunny Leone in next movie like (The Dirty Picture).