Monday, January 21, 2013

Saadi Love Story - Review, Videos

Saadi Love Story- Review

According to movie's tagline “pyaar diyaan peenghaan paingiyaan”, it is very obvious to expect something boom in the movie. But This was a pathetic movie. The review is still balanced. but the movie does not deserve even 3 star. You can enjoy this movie, if you : 1) If you are far away from logic's and 2) Leave your thinking bag at home 3) Turn a blind eye to the cinematic liberties. For viewers reviews watch this video below:


A film which had a chance t o become more than just another movie is turned in to just an ordinary movie by some lacklustre direction, too many commercial elements (read songs), poor screenplay and some ordinary and oft repeated dialogues. However, not everything is lost, there are few good scenes. However, they are just few. Had the director chosen to concentrate on social issues highlighted in movie more (like divorce, post divorce trauma, social stigma etc), the film would have become so much more.