Friday, January 10, 2014

Disadvantages Of Wearing Headset

Disadvantages Of Wearing Headset
Using a headset or headphones is the favorite choice of many people these days. We look at the people in public places, if travelling or reading, they often use a headset or headphones. Be careful, there is a bigger problem if you are wearing a headset in a way.

Hearing Problem

Headsets are worn with high sound often causes hearing problems. You should not use headsets or headphones for a long time. Sounds in tight range can eventually cause permanent hearing loss, especially to teenagers who wear their earphones for long periods of time.

Permanent Hearing Damage

Use a headset with high volumes can damage hearing permanently. You can lose the function of hearing and deaf plans. Therefore, you should reduce the volume of your headset.

Distracted Brain Work

In addition to hearing loss, wear a headset with loud sound can cause brain disorders. The electromagnetic waves emitted from the use of a headset can damage your brain. Although not yet give definitive results, it could be signs that you do not often wear a headset.